Why are we sending money to Pakistan?


 In fact, why the hell is our government sending money anywhere?According to ABC News our government has approved $1.6 Billion dollars in economic aid to Pakistan.Some of this money is slated to help their military fight insurgents inside their own country.

Meanwhile, last month the annual pay raise for OUR armed services members was cut from 1.8% to 1.0%   “Citing serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare of the nation”


Our Armed Services members are already paid a pittance!  

Many of our military folks make so little that they actually qualify for food stamps.

They risk their lives for our freedom, with some of them paying the ultimate price.

How about some concern for the serious economic conditions effecting the general welfare of our armed services folks?

Why does the current administration have so much disdain for the military?

 I guess I would be considered an isolationist for saying this, but shouldn’t we take care of our own people before we go throwing money at a problem that is never going to go away,  in the hopes that it will help us keep China under control?

The only way to keep China under control is to get our own DEBT under control!

As far as Pakistan goes, those people hate us.  They harbored Bin Laden, even when they knew we were looking for him and why.           Then they got pissed because we went in and got him!

How about we let them solve their own problems and keep taxpayer dollars at home where they’re needed most?

 That’s what’s on my mind today.

Have a great week!


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