2 Cool Tips!

As much as we are concerned about America, we are just as concerned for Americans. There are a couple of things I would like to mention just for the safety/security potential. Even if you’ve already heard these things & they sound simple, I hope you find doing them will be even more simple.

1. Your new best friend is your car alarm! That little button on your key chain can go far if you find yourself in danger. Keep your finger on it in a dark parking lot…footsteps closing in?…Set it off! Someone trying to car jack you? Set it off! In your home at night and someone is breaking in? Set it off! Many more uses, too! This little contraption is GOLDEN!

2. Now that we’ll be speeding into shopping season, keep your eye on EVERY receipt when paying with a bank or credit card! Cashiers at several different retailers have become pretty tricky in requesting cash back on YOUR transaction & slipping the money in their very greedy little pockets. Unless you glance at your receipt, you probably won’t notice because they tend to stick close to the $20 range. If you do notice, they’ll tell you it was a machine glitch (yeah, in their favor)! Get a supervisor, file a complaint. If they can’t earn the American Dream, they damn well have no right to steal yours!!!

Be safe out there and take care of each other…   Jeni

5 thoughts on “2 Cool Tips!

  1. *I take my keys to bed with me every night AND I asked my neighbor to please call 911 if he ever hears my car alarm go off.  He told me if he hears my alarm he is coming with his gun because he sleeps with his gun!  Now I sleep like a baby!  GOOD NEIGHBOR!

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