This sounds about right – Scary!

This morning in my stumbling around the Tumblr blogs,

I  ran across the Conservative Brew blog

This morning’s article, entitled “Why we will go to war with Iran next year… A future hypothesis”  makes an incredible amount of sense to me.

It’s really the only way for the Dems to win in the 2014 elections.

Read the entire article here

Then go take your educated self to the phone and call your congress folks, email or write them.

Let them know that we’re on to them and we don’t want any more war!



Work Smart AND Hard


I like Mike Rowe.

As the host of “Dirty Jobs”, Mike went around the country showing what it is like to work with electricians,plumbers, and folks in all manner of other trades.

His show ran for 8 years and in that time he has become increasingly concerned about the lack of folks in the skilled trades.

Though some 12 million Americans are unemployed, roughly 3 million jobs go unfilled in the U.S. because too few people have the skills necessary to do jobs such as plumbing, welding, electrical, construction and related occupations.

“It’s a symptom of a bigger problem,” Rowe says.

“It’s the way we look at work. It’s the way we approach our vocation and the degree to which we assign our identity to what we do.”

Too many people buy into the myth that the only way to get ahead is to go to a 4 year college.

They graduate, then end up owing thousands in student loans and not working in the fields they trained for!


Rowe talks about the worst idea in the history – “Work smart, not hard”

People aren’t going after the skilled trades because the work isn’t attractive or offer a huge payday

Mike’s new poster is for sale HERE – He is using the mikeroweWORKS Foundation to challenge  “…the absurd belief that a four-year degree is the only path to success. We’re lending money we don’t have, to kids who will never be able to pay it back, for jobs that no longer exist,” he explained, echoing what he told TheBlaze TV’s Andrew Wilkow earlier this month.  “That’s crazy, right? That’s what we’ve been doing for the last forty years.”


I have been to college twice in my life. Right out of high school, I spent about 6 weeks at the university of Minnesota studying music.

It really wasn’t for me, even though I was convinced that it was before I went.

The second time I was in my late 40s and I went to Estrella Mountain Community College to learn about computers. I learned enough to keep my own computers ticking over and I make a little money on the side.

I am currently working in NEITHER field.

I grew up with skilled labor all around me. They took pride in their work and in their ability to make a decent living for their families.

I was raised with a good work-ethic and I raised my kids to be the same way.

Looking at what Mike is doing now and thinking about it, makes me wonder why we have been holding so many people back with that craziness. I know lots of folks who bought into that 4 year college dream that never came into fruition for them and many others who did ok, but were unhappy in their lives because they thought they doing what they were supposed to be doing and maybe they would have been happier in the skilled trades, or something else. Who knows?

We need to knock it off!

There is grace in doing a job well, no matter what it is. 


Read the full article TheBlaze and buy Mike’s poster-I think he’s on to something


Quote from Rand Paul in the Tribune Courier today: “The good news is your government is opened up again. The bad news is your government is opened up again,” Paul said. “We’re borrowing about $1 million every minute. We’re set to borrow, in the terms of this president, as much as all of the previous presidents combined.” Anyone else hear the alarms going off?!


I’m a Little Bit Pissed Off Today…

I have to quote Obama for you, from the speech he made today, because bold-faced lying cannot slide by without being pointed out, not even from our very creative, word-spinning president. This is the sentence he had the nerve to utter during another long, drawn out speech full of inaccuracies:  “The health insurance that’s being provided is good. It’s high quality and it’s affordable … We know that demand is there. People are rushing to see what’s available.”

Let me define ‘demand’ for our leader: an insistent and peremptory request. That would be the word request, right there in the definition. Now, let me define ‘law’ for our potus: the system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and may enforce by the imposition of penalties.  ‘Imposition of penalties’ clearly takes both our demand & our want out of the equation! This is coming from the guy we trust to have our best interest at heart yet he speaks to us as though we don’t have a brain to share between us.  He’s hardly building a great America under his leadership, but he sure is tearing one down.

Keep your eye on him, he’s not done… far.